With what aspects of nature is Grendel associated with in Beowulf.



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When one looks at Grendel as opposed to the dynamic relationship to Beowulf one must first look at Beowulf's personality.  He is an epic hero which means that he likes a challenge.  Grendel serves as that challenge.  Beowulf travels to Grendel to take on the challenge.

Grendel himself is not born of man but of a sea creature.  He is powerful and dwells in a cave.  He seems to have no fear of man which he evidences by attacking willingly at various times of day or night.  Grendel is like a plague that is able to wipe out large groups of a population.  Grendal has an endurance and a penchant for violence like nature's storms.  He lingers and terrorizes the people of Herot.

Grendal is believed to be a decendent from the race of Cain.

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