With refernce to The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born, how can Ayi Kwei Armah be termed a political novelist?I am writing a paper on THE NOVELIST AS A POLITICAL ACTIVIST:A STUDY OF AYI KWEI A.'s...

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After being educated at Harvard and working at jobs as varied as TV scriptwriter and college instructor and acquiring an advanced degree in writing from Columbia University, Ayi Kwei Armah turned his hand to novel writing. Some of his recurrent themes are greed and corruption; early pan-African solidarity and unity; historical relevance to present conditions; and intellectual liberation and independence, as in the motto to have one's own mind. He is considered a political novelist because he consistently takes on political realities, shaming present-day corruption and looking to history for the root causes of conflict and corruption, while offering olive branches of hope for emendation of existing political difficulties. In The Beautiful Ones Are not Yet Born, his most prevalent ideas and his political writing are evidenced in the theme of corruption versus self-aggrandizement.

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