I wish to see the saying that has something like this in it, "If you can describe a thing it loses it's importance."  I saw this quote in an old Readers Digest in a doc's office and can...

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Are you referring to a quote that's unfortunately come down to us as "A Rose by any other name?" If so, it's from Romeo & Juliet:

'Tis but thy name that is my Enemy:
833: Thou art thy selfe, though not a Mountague,
834: What's Mountague? it is nor hand nor foote,
835: Nor arme, nor face, O be some other name
836: Belonging to a man.
837: What? in a names that which we call a Rose,
838: By any other word would smell as sweete,
839: So Romeo would, were he not Romeo cal'd,
840: Retaine that deare perfection which he owes,
841: Without that title Romeo, doffe thy name,
842: And for thy name which is no part of thee,
843: Take all my selfe.

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