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Do corn plants grow better in water, orange juice, milk, or gatorade?ok will someone...

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Do corn plants grow better in water, orange juice, milk, or gatorade?

ok will someone please set up an experiment. please give the hypothesis, materials, proceduers and name the control grp experimental grp. whats bieng measured and tested and all that good stuff. ok here is the problem: Do corn plants grow better in water, orange juice, milk, or gatorade??? Thanks a million to whoever answers this it would help me understand biology much better cuz we are doing a lot of this kind of stuff in class and im falling behind thanx again

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Dreamer -- to start off with your hypothesis is more or less your guess as to which will actually grow a corn plant . . .I would say water, personally . . .

Your control group is the set up of the experiment that you don't really do anything to . . in this case, a corn seed that is just put in a cup with no liquid with it. 

Your experimental group would be the different things that you try . . .here you will have four different possible outcomes so the corn seed trying to grow in water, orange juice, milk and gatorade would be your experimental group. 

your materials would be just what you use to do the experiement . . .5 corn seeds, 5 clear plastic cups, 1/4 cup of water, orange juice, milk and gatorade.

Procedures . . how would you do it?  Obviously you will put the corn seed in a cup and add the different fluids (don't forget to include the control group -- the corn seed in the cup alone.)  How long do you want to let it try to grow . . .a couple of days would probably work to get a sprout going.  Would you change out the fluid each day or just let it sit in the original fluid?

Hope this helps to get you started!  Good luck!

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