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Will Obama's great oratory skills lead him to another 4 years in the White House?When...

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Will Obama's great oratory skills lead him to another 4 years in the White House?

When President Obama first ran for the White House, he offered great rhetoric about "hope and change."  Now, as he approaches re-election, will his ability to give great speeches lead him to another  victory?

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I believe the future of President Obama and the US economy are intertwined.  If the economy continues to stagnate, further slides, or makes modest gains I believe he will not be re-elected.  If, however, the economy begins to show real signs of growth OR the media portrays the economy as showing real signs of growth, he will be our President for a second term. 


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I with the previous post to a great degree.  Obama will not be able to talk his way to another term.  People will judge him on what they think his record is.  If they feel the economy is improving, they will reward him.  By contrast, if the economy gets worse or if something bad happens in foreign affairs, he will lose regardless of how well he can talk.

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I think history has proven that catch-phrases and oratory greatness are good first election strategies, but rarely manage to carry a candidate through a second term if his speech and actions have not been consistent in his first term.  People tend to throw away trust just as quickly as they dole it out, possibly quicker.  I also believe that more often than not, a president is judged by the most recent problems or successes a country is experiencing, whether or not any of them are his fault.

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I don't think Obama's oratory skills will lead to his election as much as the ineptitude of the bumbling Republican candidates who have been striving to run against him. I believe most people will not be ready to support Mitt Romney, whose life of privilege and cronyism with the ultra-rich is a major turn-off to most Americans. 

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