In Wife of Bath's Tale, how does she show her controlling view of marriage?That a woman controls everything in it. Answers besides that the "answer" to her tale is that, and that she desires to...

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In the Canterbury Tales, Wife of Bath is the last pilgrim. This lady comes from the cloth-making neighbourhood of Bath and like all the others is an expert in her profession. She is self-important and vain, who loves to show off. Her self-sufficiency has perhaps given her the courage to discard the rules set by the social and religious authorities regarding the conduct of women. Note, that the first important information we get here is that she is deaf and this deafness was a result of a blow from her husband on a dispute regarding the character of women. However, her deafness may be interpreted as her defiance of the patriachal authorities who want women to listen to men and to obey them. And after reading the portrait we come to know that she is aggressive, nagging, given to gossip, lustful, wasteful and domineering. Moreover, the small details like the redness of her face, her hat which is as wide as a sheild and her sharp spurs, all suggest her martial qualities. Thus she poses a contrast to the feminine chastity, modesty and refinement of the Prioress.

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