Why would the discipline of geography be helpful when talking about suicide?Why would someone want to write a part about geography in their paper about suicide. What's important about it, what can...

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One aspect that contributes to suicides is the abundance of positive ions in the atmosphere, so the geography of an area can greatly affect people.  For instance, when the Santa Ana winds sweep through Southern California, and Baja California, the high positive ion content in these winds can trigger aggression, violence, and a higher rate of suicide.  After years of research, scientists have determined that an imbalance in the ratio of positive to negative ions has a profound effect upon the physical and mental well being of people. Studies in Geneva, for example, showed an increase of 50% in traffic accidents during times of high ion production. In Israel there is a higher occurrence of suicide when the wind known as Sharav sends positive ions through the air.  Certainly, ion research has proven that serotonin production, stimulated by higher positive ion ratios is the cause of many problems such as suicide and aggressive behavior. 

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I am not sure if there is supposed to be anything about Shakespeare in our answer -- I do not see how to bring Shakespeare in here...

If a person is writing a paper about suicide, geography can be important.  Specifically, it would be very helpful to know about the distribution of suicide over space.  In other words, do suicides happen a lot in some places and not so much in others.  If you look at data on suicide and find that suicide rates are very different in different countries or regions, you can start to ask good questions about suicide.

You can ask whether there is something about some regions that make suicide more likely.  Is the culture of the region the cause?  Is the climate?  By asking such questions, you can better understand the causes of suicide.

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Woops, sorry, I didn't realize this was in the Shakespeare group. Thanks for you reply though

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