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Why was Sula the only one found accountable for so many things in the bottom? Chicken...

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Why was Sula the only one found accountable for so many things in the bottom? Chicken Little? Jude? Death?

Why was she so easily despised because she lived her life i'm pretty sure most of the women in the bottom wanted to but were to afraid to? I mean is that the reason the found it so easy to hate her or despise?

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Well, I'd say she was responsible for Chicken Little. She was swinging him around when he soared from her hands and into the water. She was doing it, even if Nel was also there. However, as far as the other things, I would say that Sula is held responsible because she is different, and because her actions maintain her difference. She connects with Nel, but otherwise, she is willing to stand off and be outside the community. She becomes an outsider, a scapegoat.


Morrison says this about Sula:

I always thought of Sula as quintessentially black, metaphysically black, if you will, which is not melanin and certainly not unquestioning fidelity to the tribe. She is new world black and new world woman extracting choice from choicelessness, responding intuitively to found things. Improvisational. Daring, disruptive, imaginative, modern, out-of-the-house, outlawed, unpolicing, uncontained and uncontainable. And dangerously female. 

She is blamed because she is proudly female in a sexist society, and because she is someone even the Black community can cast out.  


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