Why was it important for the Americans to win the support of France during the American Revolution?

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The support of France was important because France was a major power in the world, one that could help the colonies to have enough supplies and enough military power to defeat the British.  Let us look at two examples of why French help was needed.

First, there was the fact that the colonies were not really able to manufacture enough guns or gunpowder to get through the war.  The French sold these and other things to the Americans, allowing them to have the wherewithal to fight.

Second, the colonists essentially had no navy.  This allowed the British to control the sea.  At the end of the war in the colonies, the French navy defeated the British and sealed Cornwallis's troops in at Yorktown.  Since they could not escape by sea, they had to surrender.

These two instances show how important French help was to the American colonists.

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So, pretty much Britain was kicking Americans butt because they were outnumbered and not experienced. However, Britain was being to get tired and the Americans decided to call up their friend France. France comes in with trained soldiers and provided Naval Blockade. By this time, the British had about enough and gave up all of the colonies and become a seperate nation.

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