Why was The Golden Compass banned/challenged?I read the book and could find any example in the text of any reason it could be banned or challenged, If possible could you please tell me where to...

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The movie and book were both characterized as being un-Christian. The author, Philip Pullman, himself is a proclaimed atheist who claims to want to kill God and promote anti-authoritarian ideals. In the story, people have souls that reside outside themselves as animal companions called daemons. This, in itself, would rile most religious folks. Other critics claim that having cute, talking animals would undermine children's religious teachings by making the movie seem somewhat Disney-ish. When one of my students told me about the anti-Christian message, I went to see the movie having never read the book. True, souls called daemons was a little odd, I saw little to fear for my students in wanting to see the movie or read the book, providing they had parental consent. According to other educators, the next two books in the series are more anti-Christian.

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