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Why shoud Sounds of Waves from Mishima be considered more than a simple love story?this...

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Why shoud Sounds of Waves from Mishima be considered more than a simple love story?

this book appears to be an important one from the author, plot is simple, love story among a poor fisherman and Hatsue daughter of a very rich man...what makes this argument different and more special than others???

author shows simplicity in treating topics, life in the island, importance of the sea...but¡¡¡¡¡

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You are correct in presuming that there might be more depth to the story.  Little from Mishima is ever easy or simple.  Shinji's triumph is seen as a victory for pure and honorable over other forces.  This idea of moral and spiritual purity is of vital importance to Mishima, a writer and thinker who was convinced that post World War II Japan had lost its soul and its direction.  In the valor of Shinji, the purity of his love with Hatsue, and the honorable expression of their love, Mishima seems to be making a statement about where the soul of Japan should lie.  The Western and decadent figures in the work, Chiyoko and Yasuo, are cultured and corrupt for they cannot understand the purity of Shinji's and Hasuo's affections.  In the end, virtue triumphs, which might be Mishima's hope for the rest of Japan.

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