In The Cask of Amontillado, why is the narrator happy to meet Fortunato?

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The narrator is happy to meet Fortunato because he has been planning to kill him for some time. The story begins with a statement for the narrator that "A Thousand injuries I have borne the best I could but when he ventured on insult, I vowed revenge." The narrator continues to say that he did not let on to Fortunato that he planned to kill him. Instead he continued to "smile" at his "friend" and never let Fortunato even know he was angry with him. However, when he comes across him at carnival time, Montresor has already sent out his servants and the trap is set. Thus when he meets Fortunato he says, "we are luckily met". The narrator is being sarcastic because what he is really saying is, "I'm so glad to see you because I've just set my trap for your death."

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