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Why is job analysis often described as the “bedrock” of HRM practices? In your...

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Why is job analysis often described as the “bedrock” of HRM practices? In your answer, explain how job analysis helps with HRM practices such as recruitment, selection, compensation, and performance appraisals.

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Job analysis establishes the features and the tasks of jobs within companies. Job analysis helps in designation of skills and experiences needed in an employment position and anticipation of future training required.

The amount of information collected by the job analysis process refers to the following aspects: requirements of the job, the skills needed to meet the requirements, duties and tasks,and the employee's relationships within the organization.

Performing the job analysis, human resources management can identify the organization's needs with regard to the development and training of employees and it can also initiate the programs that solve the identified needs.

Job analysis establishes the important topics of the training program, the tools, the equipment and the methods needed to perform the training, the monitoring tests that estimate the success of training programs.

Job analysis can also help human resources management to design and control the development program and its achievements.

Monitoring the effective results of implementation of development programs can also help the HRM to perform the appraisal process that decides the quantitative and qualitative performance measurements and the reward system.


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