Why is the importance of having a spacious and safe classroom instead of having a  cluutered and unsafe room  when educating special needs students, especially when assistive technology needs to...

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When using much in way of assistive technology, it is important to have enough space so that the technology can be used in a seamless manner.  Some of the examples of assistive technology like walkers, talking switches, or three dimensional simulators require space and access to sources of electrical power in a classroom. Additionally, special needs classrooms contain students who have different special needs.  This means that different types of assistive technology may be used simultaneously in a classroom.  Educational settings that are cluttered make this difficult to achieve because of mere physicality.  

A classroom that has open space can best allow technology to be used in a manner that is the least restrictive for special needs students.  Any student who needs to use assistive technology is in a position that requires adaptations to their learning.  The easier these adaptations are, the better the chance the adaptation will be successful.  Classrooms that are cluttered and difficult for special needs students or any student to navigate decrease the chance of this effectiveness.  It is here in which one sees that a safe and spacious classroom is the best bet for special needs students who use assistive technology.


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