Why has Zaroff begun hunting human “game”

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Zaroff has begun hunting human "game" because he desires more challenge in the hunt.  Animals have lost their appeal and interest for him.  Mere animals require little effort for the hunt, and Zaroff requires a thinking or logical prey.  This can only be provided by the highest form of animal--man.  For this reason, Zaroff has begun hunting human "game".

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Zaroff begins hunting human "game" because hunting animal game has become boring to him. He feels it is no longer hold any sort of challenge for him. He feels that he can outsmart any animal- even the most cunning, which is why he has switched to human game. Humans can think and reason which makes them more interesting to hunt. Since Zaroff is civilized, rich, cultured, well traveled, and the like he feels that he is completely justified in his game- after-all it is fair, or so he thinks, because he gives his game a fighting chance.

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Zaroff thinks that the animal donot think as human so he wanted to hunt a human who can thinck.and he named it most dangerous game.

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