Why does it seem that Mr Rochester, in Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre,  does not really want to see Mr. Mason? Is he afraid that Mr. Mason will tell the secret to other people?


Jane Eyre

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In Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, there are several reasons why Mr. Rochester is made uncomfortable by the arrival of Mr. Mason, the brother of Rochester’s mad wife, Bertha Mason.
The main reason is that he would like to get married again. At this point in the story, he appears to be interested in marrying Blanche Ingram, although he is falling on love with Jane Eyre and increasingly would prefer to marry her.

As both bigamy and divorce were illegal, Rochester cannot be remarried if it is known that Bertha is alive and his legitimate wife. Since he married in the West Indies, only Mr. Mason knows that Bertha is his wife and can prevent his remarriage. Rochester’s fears are, in fact, correct, as Mr. Mason later interrupts his marriage ceremony with Jane Eyre.


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