Why does Scout forget what Atticus told her about fighting in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

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Scout did her very best not to let Atticus down, but once  the sniveling, bratty, spoiled Francis referred to her father as a "nigger-lover", she lost her temper and went after him.  Her uncle whipped her for it, but afterward, when Scout had a chance to tell her side of the story, Uncle Jack was angered and promised to punish Francis immediately.  However, Scout asked him to let it go; it was important to her that Atticus not know that she had let him down by fighting with Francis.  He had warned her that people were going to say ugly things as the trial date approached, and that she was not to fight, no matter how angry she might feel.

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Atticus tells her not to get in a fight with anyone, but once her cousin tells her that her father is something very bad she loses it. He also insults Dill. Her uncle also punished her for it but once she told her side of the story he understood and was immediately planning to punish Francis.        

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