In "Great Expectations," why does Pip want to be a gentlemen?  Why does he feel ashamed around Joe?could anyone help me with these question please using PEE (point, evidence and...

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Pip wants to be a gentleman because he wants to impress Estella.  Pip has fallen in love with Estella and she thinks of him  "Why he is a common labouring-boy!"  Estella plays with Pip but looks down on him.  When Pip is given the chance to become a gentleman, he embraces the process. 

Pip is ashamed of Joe because he is a common working man, a blacksmith.  He is not educated, but he is a good judge of character.  Joe is a kind man, he helps Pip as much as he can with Pip's sister, his wife.  But when Joe comes to London, Pip is uncomfortable to have him in his environment.  Joe's commonness is very obvious and it makes him refer to Pip as Sir. Which makes Pip even more uncomfortable.

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