In The Great Gatsby, why do Nick’s feelings towards Jordan change?

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Nick realizes that Jordan is unable to make a commitment to anyone. Spending his thirtieth birthday with her opens his eyes to the reality of Jordan's and Daisy's world. They are spoiled, rich women who seem to be incapable of loving anyone. They belong to a world that Nick no longer wants to be a part of. Nick reflects on his birthday that his youthful, innocent days are over, and he finally sees the reality of Gatsby as well.

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Nick sees in Jordan the very thing that he despises in Tom and Daisy--a facade that exists to shield the rich from the realities of life. Jordan, in Nick's eyes, is just another socialite out for her own best interests. She, like Tom and Daisy, lives in the moment and fails to understand that all actions bear consequences.

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A good example of how Nick comes to see Jordan is revealed in an early chapter when he is driving with her in her car.  She is reckless and a very bad driver.  When he tells her that she should be careful, she responds by saying why should she be careful; there are other drivers on the road—they can be careful.

After all the events of the novel, especially the death of Myrtle when Daisy leaves Gatsby to take the blame, Nick comes to a realization that their kind (Jordan, Daisy, Tom, etc.) are careless people.  They are careless drivers (there are a number of car accidents) and careless with people's lives and feelings.  Nick eventually realizes that he cannot be with someone like that and he comes to dislike Jordan like the rest of the them. 

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