Why does Mr. Nathan Radley fill the in the tree with cement?  Do you accept his reason as truth?

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This happens in Chapter 7 of the book.  When Nathan Radley fills the knot hole in the tree with cement, he says that it is because the tree is sick.

I really do not believe that Mr. Radley is telling the truth when he says that he did it because the tree was sick.  Cement would not be very likely to help a tree stop being sick.  In addition, Atticus tells Jem that the tree was not sick.  Instead, I believe that Nathan does it because he does not want Boo to keep leaving gifts for the kids -- just out of meanness, really.

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His main reason would only to stop Boo from talking to the kids. Boo leaves presents for the kids and he wants to be friends with them. However, Nathan wants him to still be isolated and shuts off his method of communication from there. However, another theory is he does not want his brother to be hurt or be accused of stealing even though he is the one leaving gifts for the children.                                                                                      

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Nathan Radley in "To Kill a Mockingbird" became like his father. His father was anti-social and kept the boys and his wife confined to the home.  Scout and Jem said that Mr. Radley was the only one who went to town.  It was a known fact in the town that Boo was kept secluded.  The townspeople thought when Mr. Radley died that they would finally get to see Boo after not having seen him for so many years.  However, it did not happen.  Nathan took over and continued the same lifestyle as his father.

No, I don't believe that Nathan told the truth.  He may have felt that Boo could get accused of something if he kept trying to communicate with the children.  It could have been his way of protecting his brother.

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