Why does Mary Warren change her testimony about Proctor and about pretending? (The Crucible Act III)

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This is certainly an opinion question but it can be proven by facts in the story. At first, when Mary Warren went to testify, she was indeed under the fear, although a healthy fear, of her boss. Thus, she was ready to testify in his favor.

After some time in the courtroom with the girls pressuring her to conform and the judges pressuring her to perform (she had claimed that what they were doing was pretense or pretend and they wanted her to pretend right in front of them to prove it) she caved.

What made her cave completely and exactly was the moment when Abby made it seem as if Mary Warren were bewitched. After some mockery from the girls, Mary knew if she didn't join them, they would have her look to be the very next hung witch in the town.

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