In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, why does Injun Joe want to take revenge on the Widow and how?

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Injun Joe wants to take revenge on the Widow Douglas because when her husband was alive he was "rough" on him.  A justice of the peace, the Widow's husband had had Injun Joe arrested for vagrancy, but the worst part of it was that he had had him  "horsewhipped...with all the town looking on".  The humiliation of this punishment has left Injun Joe bitter, and he resolves to take revenge on the Widow, since her husband "took advantage of (him) and died".  With cold-blooded calculation, Injun Joe says that when you get revenge on a woman, you don't kill her, you "go for her looks".  He plans a grisly mutilation - he will "slit her nostrils (and) notch her ears like a sow" (Chapter XXIX).


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