In The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, why does Hines claim that the duke and the king are frauds? After they flee the town, whom does the duke accuse of hiding the money in the coffin? In...

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Hines, a husky man in the crowd of townspeople, says he saw the king in a canoe the day before Peter Wilks funeral. People aren't sure whether to believe him or not so finally the real Harvey Wilks suggests that the real brothers would know what was tattooed on their brother's chest. When they exhume the body and open the coffin, everyone sees the bag of gold that Huck had put in the coffin. This causes enough confusion for Huck, Jim and the King and Duke to escape.The duke accuses the king of putting the money in the coffin and the king accuses the duke of doing the same thing. They both admit they thought about taking the money for themselves, but both deny actually doing it. Finally the duke grabs the king by the throat and makes him confess he put the gold in the coffin. Huck says they were "thick as thieves" in a short while.

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