Why do some atheists hate the believers?



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There could be many reasons why some atheists would hate those who believe in religion, but I believe that the main one is that they resent the way in which believers (who seem irrational to them) dominate the society and culture in which the atheists live.

Many atheists regard believers as something of superstitious and irrational people.  They feel these people are not really thinking straight about the world.  At the same time, they realize that the believers have a dominant position in society and culture.  Even in a relatively secular country like the US, they see politicians talking about religion and they see athletes thanking God for their victories.  They understand that the whole society is dominated by people who assume the existence of a god.

I think this leads some of them to anger (or even hatred) because their own beliefs (which they think are superior and rational) are ignored and ridiculed by the vast majority of the society.

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"We [christians] live by morals, yet they [atheists] are careless of what they do." Samjazael

Dear Samjazael,

I find your statement totally and utterly false and absolutely unacceptable. How dare you imply that a whole group are immoral? Just because we don't believe your religious stories, you casually label us as all immoral. Hah!Times have changed Samjazael and if you think it is 'ok' to make a statement like that one then you have a rude awakening coming your way.

Proportionally, atheists are the LEAST represented group among American prison population? So back off. Who flew the planes into the world trade centre? Atheists? So back off. Don't you DARE casually label a large group of people as immoral simply because we have rejected the idea that there's a sky-daddy keeping a close eye on us.

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Atheists are in fact I guess lost and will meet there maker in the afterlife. The reason why is because they think they are smarter than the faithful. Atheists believe there is no such thing as "the unseen" or god. They claim why would god let Hell exist? Why would the devil be created? Well I can answer that for those whom art believers like I! God created the world in his image, yet disbelievers tend to think we are god. Actually the bible states hell is a test of our soul. Even the bible claims that hell isn't forever unless you believe. Some humans can be very immoral. From the disobeying of your parents or teachers. To the love of yourself and materialism. To humans killing other humans. Trying to not sound like a preacher, but atheists tend to think they are better than the faithful. From a personal experience in our world the religious are tended as unintelligent compared to those that get to do whatever they want. We live by morals, yet they are careless of what they do. I was made fun of in school for wearing a cross to school. I even thought about bringing a bible to school to see what everyone thinks. In our world people are afraid of saying what they believe in especially when it comes to religion. Right now Europe has the lowest amount of church attendance in the world. I must say that you shouldn't be afraid if muslim, christian, Hebrew or hindu. We all have the right to believe in god. They can't take that away.

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Hmmm... well, all groups contain a wide diversity of views. Your question could easily be inverted and presented as "Why do some believers hate atheists?"

I don't hate believers as a group. I hate some believers like Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Abu Al Zarqawi, Jerry Falwell, Osama Bin Laden, Pastor Terry Jones, Abu Hamza, The Westboro Baptist Church, etc. But, on the other hand, I admire Bishop Desmond Tutu, Ken Miller and Sinead O'Conner etc.

I hate many atheists too!

In a recent poll, 48% of ordinary Americans identified 'Atheists' as the 'least American' minority in American society. Despite being offered offered choices from many traditionally oppressed minorities, such as 'Gays', 'Jews', 'Blacks', 'Hispanics', half of Americans stated that atheists represent the worst deviation from 'the American way of life'.

So we are a deeply mistrusted and misunderstood group, that causes anger. It is currently perfectly socially acceptable to say deeply offensive things about atheists as a group that would not be tolerated towards any other minority (except maybe homosexuals).

I suspect that what most atheists hate is the offensive nature of some Christians towards non-believers, when we say that we don't believe we are often gleefully told by finger-pointing christians (andmuslims) that their God is going to burn us forever in agony. Our kids are not allowed to play with their kids. We're told that it is impossible for an atheist to possess morals etc. This is bound to make atheists angry.

Personally, I hate the slow enchroachment by funademntalist Christianity on the offices of state and the despicable lies which religious people tell regarding science. The constant attempt to stifle the teaching of evolution makes my blood boil, and rightly so.

And finally, this is the first time in history that atheists have had the chance to be truly outspoken. Until recently, speaking out against religion was a dangerous thing to do. For millenia, atheists have suffered in silence. I think we're just blowing off a little steam now that we have the chance. We'd like an apology or two for 3000+ years of violent theocratic oppression of rational dissent, but, hey, I'm not going to hold my breath. And, in a couple of generation's time, when we represent the majority view, I hope we can resist the urge to offend religious minority groups.

;-) Peace and may God be less.

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Atheists believe they can do everything they want "not all" because they don't like living a life of self awareness and preserverence of the mind. - samjazael123

For the second time... please STOP making gross, negative generalisations about atheists lacking morals or social skills.

To suggest that atheists lack self-awareness is laughable. American atheists are statistically the MOST educated and intelligent religious group. So, unless you want a very harsh and blunt analysis of your totally unprovable and highly unlikely belief system... stop spouting dangerous rubbish about a (non)religious minority.

Your 'morals' are not sanctioned by the constitution and you are not in a superior position to me. I resent being told that I am immoral, especially by a person whose foundation for right and wrong is the half-preserved scribblings of semi-literate, stone-age, nomads, who would have goggled in amazement at a simple candle and thought it was a science-fiction wonder.

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None of my facts are considered stories we shouldn't be afraid to spread our religion as long as it isn't done in force, just to tell people what you believe without the need of harming people with words of knowledge is a precious thing to behold. Just because people don't agree with eachother doesn't mean that your beliefs wont progress. All religions agree love thy neighbor and I tell my beliefs to other people these days and I don't mind if they don't believe me. They have the right to there opinion, yet I like making people think about there own system of belief to not question it, but to enhance it. Our world is quite diverse, and the only way to endure such diversity is to blend our beliefs and to respect them as well. This is what america is all about.

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Well there is such thing as positivity and your right in many ways not all atheists are evil and some embrace all religions. In a way there are the atheists that want to destroy History and eradicate tradition, religion, and moral values to create a society with no means or belief structure that gives us hope. I understand atheism better than most of them know the bible. Its true that people have used the words of Jesus to commit horrible acts, yet Jesus taught peace, love, and to even pay your taxes made by your rulers. Also Religion is about faith and the belief that there is a life beyond this one. You might be a teacher and a highly knowledgable individual, but I know as much as you about atheism. On the other hand I am a man of history and religion both are proven efficient to my liking. They both have a means of History. A great example is that of communism who killed millions in the name of no god. They thought religion slowed there progress as other developing nations outbeat them consecutively. The bible isn't stories many biblical cities have already been discovered. Do you know how the bible was written? Well it is a process of years to create it. Scribes meaning hebrew "to count" was a huge process which a scribe must count the words and make sure if any word go over it was considered a corrupted manuscript, yes if any changes ever where made to the document there where really bad consequences, a example is that of the dead sea scrolls which where highly accurate compared to many other documents. They weren't potentially stories because archaeology has already proven the city of Jericho, Gaph, and  what seem like soddom and gommorrah. Everyone has the right to not believe in god, but it is a step towards what we know and what we don't that keeps faith reviving. People don't kill in the name of religion, but people kill because they don't know there reality. We live in a silent world, where we think god is dead. My faith has been tampered many times, yet I see the world in turmoil because we think we are better and smarter than we use to be. Explain how knowledge was given and why we are the only creatures with such capabilities? How come these stories stood the test of time. Atheists believe they can do everything they want "not all" because they don't like living a life of self awareness and preserverence of the mind. All I can say is that these stories changed the course of History. Religion tends to always win.......but sometimes the faithful "the remnant" are persecuted for there rights. 9/11 was also part of a plot of events, just like anything in history it could have been prevented.

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