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Why didn't the Protestant Reform affect Southern Europe?So basically, I took the causes...

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Why didn't the Protestant Reform affect Southern Europe?

So basically, I took the causes of the Renaissance and of the Reform, and compared them, and now I'm trying to draw conclusions as to why the Reform didn't affect the south.

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It is very difficult to know the reason for this with any certainty.  However, a few plausible explanations have been given for the lack of a reformation in Italy.

  • The Pope was in Rome and was Italian.  This can be seen as a source of national pride for Italians who would therefore be loyal to the Church.
  • The Catholic Church was a source of wealth in Italy where it was not in other countries.
  • The Renaissance had made Italy prosperous and less likely to rebel.
  • The Inquisition was more active in Italy (and Spain) than elsewhere.

I have issues with these explanations, but they are the best I have seen.  Again, it is very difficult to know for sure why religious beliefs take hold in some places and not in others.


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