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Why did Shakespeare make the four young lovers similar in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?I...

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Why did Shakespeare make the four young lovers similar in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?

I just thought that like maybe even though they're similiar they still love that one person. They are the same so one doesn't deserve love more then the other. I don't really understand this play...

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As said before, they really are different but having love for someone makes them the same. you could say that love is a universal language.

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The four young lovers are actually quite different.  There are some similarities between them, such as the fact that they belong to the same social class; however, they have different personalities.  Helena, for example, is a passionate, manipulative, sneaky, conniving young woman who is rather obsessive.  Hermia is demure, well mannered, naive, and proper.  Demetrius is extremely charming, manipulative, calculated, and impulsive.  Finally, Lysander is determined, resolute, and kind.

They are all friends, so their personalities balance each other out well.  The differences in their personalities make the reader realize that love is a common bond between ALL people, no matter how different or similar they are.  Love is something all human beings share.

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