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Why did Hitler call his government the Third Reich?Or why was it called the Third...

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Why did Hitler call his government the Third Reich?

Or why was it called the Third Reich? Please help and state your source( I can't find it anywhere, my teacher makes us write the source down. It's just a small part of the assignment, you're not doing the whole hw for me, so please help )
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"Reich" meant something along the lines of "kingdom" or "empire."  The Nazi mythology was that theirs was the third truly German kingdom that had existed in the world.

The first was the Holy Roman Empire which existed back in medieval times.  The second was the Germany that existed from the time that the country was unified (1871) until the end of WWI.

(This comes from the link below, which copied it from Encyclopedia Britannica's entry entitled "Third Reich.")

The Nazis called their regime this to emphasize that it was a purely Germany government and to give it historical legitimacy -- to make it seem like it was connected to these previous empires.

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Third Reich meaning third empire in German language was supposed to represent the rule of Hitler in Germany as the beginning of the third great empire to last for a thousand years, the first two empires being Holy Roman Empire (First Reich) and the German empire under Hohenzollern dynasty (Second Reich) achieved by Bismarck.

On august 19, 1934 a plebiscite put to German people decided overwhelmingly in favour of making Hitler a head of state as Fuhrer (leader) and Reich Chancellor. At the party Rally in Nuremberg, following this victory, Hitler declared that Nazi revolution was complete and and in next thousand years there will be no other revolution in Germany. Thus began the concept of Third Reich which was supposed to last for thousand years.

For further detail please refer to the link given below.

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