Why is Anne Frank so famous compared to others who died in WWII?I know what happened to her, and I understand that she is famous, but why is she so famous and not all those other thousand of people...

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I think that people are fascinated with Ann Frank because through her diary we can see how the war affected one young girl in such a deeply personal way.  To think of war on a great level is sometimes not as meaningful as considering how these great big events affected one life.  Since the diary just ends, my students are always hoping she lived.  When I tell them what happened to her, it really hits home.

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Anne's diary was a rarity: Years of entries while in hiding--and from a Jewish perspective, no less. The fact that it survived was a miracle, nearly as big a miracle as it would have taken for Anne herself to return alive. Her beautiful thoughts and hopeful outlook set it apart from most journal entries and made it a classic example of non-fiction.

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  1. People generally relate more to a “story” then they do to the clinical representation of facts.  The story of Anne Frank resonates with people because the situation has been humanized more then other accounts of the Holocaust. 
  2. Anne Frank is a relatively mild description of events that were common during WWII.  Most of the stress and anxiety of her situation is subtle.  The events of the Holocaust are horrific and overwhelming.  Anne Frank is easy to digest without being overwhelmed.


Personally, I found the story to be slightly boring.  This however is coming from someone whose Jewish grandparents made sure he was well aware of the events of the Holocaust at an extremely early age.  For most people, especially young children, Anne Frank is still a great way to expose them to some of the less statistical facts of WWII and the Holocaust.       

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I'd say it's for two reasons.  First, she was a young girl and therefore her story affects us emotionally more than it would if she were a grown person.  Second and more importantly, she left a well-written diary through which we know her story.  The other millions who died generally did not.

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Anne Frank is famous for two reasons. 

1. She kept a very well detailed diary about her experiences during WWII

2. She was only a young girl, so her story affects people very emotionally compared to the other stories from WWII.

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I agree with #2 and #4. Most of the others who died did not keep a diary and the fact that its from a Jewish point of view makes it even better...

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