Who, from The Merchant of Venice, says "Madam, although I speak it in your presence, you have a noble and a true conceit of godlike amity, which appears most strongly in bearing thus the absence of...

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In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio has been called upon to repay his bond to Shylock and must deliver "a pound of (his) flesh" in payment as he is unable to settle the monies lent to him on Bassanio's behalf. Bassanio wanted to woo Portia but his own funds were squandered, Bassanio admitting "I have disabled mine estate." (I.i.123) 

In Act III, scene iv, Antonio is in trouble as "my ships have all miscarried...my bond to the Jew is forfeit"(III.ii.319) and so Bassanio has gone to his aid. Portia is with Nerissa, Lorenzo and Jessica and Lorenzo is impressed with Portia's understanding in allowing Bassanio, "your lord" to go to save his friend.


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