As whom does Athena disguise herself when she goes to see Telemachus?


The Odyssey

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In Book One, Athena disguises herself as the trusted family friend Mentes. She hopes that as Mentes, she can convince Telemachus to hold an assembly and rebuke his mother's suitors. She also wants to convince Telemachus to commission a boat and crew to search Hellas for his father Odysseus or news of his fate.

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Athena appears first as Mentes, an old family friend. But after she gets Telemachus to tell her about the situation in Odysseus's house, and she exhorts Telemachus to confront the suitors, she appears as Mentor to accompany him to Pylos. While she is still on Ithaca, she disguises herself as Telemachus himself, in order to recruit a crew. Can you keep track of all the identities she assumes?

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