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A whole empire of ideological understanding was built around the interpretive concept...

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A whole empire of ideological understanding was built around the interpretive concept of the Cold War and containment of the communist global threat to world peace as known in the Western democracies. How does that whole package of thought translate to other proxy wars during the Cold War? 

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During the Cold War, the communist bloc and the West fought one another in many instances through the use of proxies.  Typically, each side in the Cold War would choose one side of a civil war and support that side.  That way, the two sides did not have to commit to war on their own accounts and they did not have to run the risk of becoming involved in a direct war with one another.

These proxy wars can be seen as an outgrowth of the “package of thought” that dominated the West’s thinking in the Cold War.  To the West, communism was a major threat to the peace and stability of the world.  Communism therefore needed to be opposed and contained as much as possible.  This was something that the West was willing to do through proxies, regardless of who those proxies were.  The US was not worried about anything other than whether the proxies would help them to fight against communism.

In this way, the Cold War “package of thought” came to inform the proxy wars.  They were an extension of the ideology that helped allow the Cold War to exist in the first place.

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