Who wins the game in The Westing Game?

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Although there is no stated winner in the book, all the players of the Westing Game come out winners.  The idea of the book is to target relationships, and in the course of the game the players are paired with people almost exactly opposite to themselves.

However, if a winner must be announced, I would say it is Turtle Wexler.  She is the only player who discovers the true identity of the doorman, Sandy McSouthers.  He is, in fact, Sam Westing and Barney Northrup and Julian Eastman.

The book ends with Turtle visiting the aging Sandy and with information given about other players who are still in touch with one another.  Interesting friendships resulted as a result of this "experiment".

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Turtle is the winner of The Westing Game. She inherits the money $200,000,000.

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