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Who were the Diadochi?Were they Alexender's Succesors?

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Who were the Diadochi?

Were they Alexender's Succesors?

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The Diadochi, were first the military men of Alexander the Great's army. Yes these were "successors"of Alexander's and not long after Alexander's death  sought to split the empire to serve their own quest for power. These men became great rivals in the wake of Alexander's death. The questions of succession and unity of empire grew to a fever pitch and led these men who once fought under Alexander's great army to become great enemies. Called the Diadochic Wars, most historians generally agree that Alexander's empire was split three ways, Egypt, Europe, and Asia. Ptolemy Soter, Cassander, Seleucus were among the Diadochi leaders who fought for a piece of Alexander's empire. The political and military struggles lasted from 323 B.C.E. until approximately 280 B.C.E.

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