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Who were the Athenians?

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Who were the Athenians?

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The Athenians were residents of the ancient city-state of Greece, Athens, in around the 5th century BC.  In contrast. the Spartans of Sparta were a war-like peopls, the Athenians were dedicated to excellence, artistry, and knowledge.  These people valued individual freedom and established the first democracy.  They believed in balance between body and mind, and emphasized exercise just as much as they did learning.  It was in Athens that the first Olympic games were held.  Their architecture and art is considered the best of the time.  They built the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Theatre of Dionysia.  Some of their most famous citizens include Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and Pythagoras.  They are credited not only with democracy, but also with early studies in philosophy, mathematics, biology, and other subjects.

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Pythagoras was not a citizen of Athens. the Olympic games were not held in Athens. Philosophy originated in Ionia and the Greek colonies in Italy, and the flourished later in Athens.



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