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Who is W. D. Ross?

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Who is W. D. Ross?

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Sir W.D. (William David) Ross was a Scottish born moral philosopher, born in 1877 and died in 1971. In addition, he was knighted in 1938. Ross studied and concentrated on ethics and believed a great deal in the power of intuition. Being an intuitionist means believing in moral realism and non-naturalism. He is best known for writing The Right and the Good in 1938, which at the time caused some controversy. He most certainly had an Aristotelian approach to philosophy. One of the reasons for this are his strong beliefs and personal strengths in practical wisdom.

"The moral convictions of thoughtful and well-educated people are the data of ethics, just as sense-perceptions are the data of a natural science" (The Right and the Good, p. 41).

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