Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the story "The Sniper"? Explain why please. 

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In the story The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty, the characters are in the middle of the Irish Civil War where families divided over the issues much like they did in the American Civil War.  The protagonist is the main character, the one who learns something, the one who carries the weight of the story.  In this case it is the Republican sniper waiting on the rooftop who is the protagonist because he is the main character which the story is about who learns the sorrow of war, and who carries the story to the end.  The antagonist is usually thought of as the opposing person or force which fights against the main character or the protagonist.  In this story the antagonist is the sniper  who fights against the main character by trying to kill him.  Instead he gives away his position by the flash of his rifle, is shot and killed by the other man who in a moment of curiosity, gets off the roof, turns over the dead man, and discovers that he has killed his own brother.   


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