Who is Prospero's servant in The Tempest?


The Tempest

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Prospero's servant is Ariel, a sprite who has endured a twelve-year sentence of punishment for refusing to obey the commands of the evil witch Sycorax.  Although Prospero technically releases Ariel when his time is served, he essentially keeps the sprite in servitude until he has accomplished his objectives in exacting revenge against his enemy Alonso.  It is Ariel who causes the tempest, and performs other acts of magic throughout the play.  Ariel is finally granted his true and complete freedom at the end of the story, when Prospero's purposes have been accomplished to his satisfaction.

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ariel and Caliban

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propero's servant is Ariel

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prospero's servants are Ariel the spirit and Caliban.

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Ariel and Caliban

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Caliban and ariel are prosperos slaves

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