Who is Phoebe and what is Holden's opinion of her?

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In J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, Phoebe is Holden's little sister whom he loves and adores. Holden describes her as cute, smart, and intelligent, but ultimately a true little girl. He values her opinion, but as a big brother, he also doesn't want to scare her or make her worried. He does his best to a good big brother, but since he seems to make a mess of his own life, he feels a little guilty that he's not as wonderful for his sister as he'd like to be. Phoebe even offers him some money when she finds out that he's in a spot of trouble. That's the kind of nice girls she is. This makes him really feel tender-hearted towards her and really loves who she is. He feels good when he's with her and she is his one true line to the family.



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