Who is Mr. Avery and what does he do in To Kill a Mockingbird?  *need characteristics and any other interesting information about him.*

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Mr. Avery is one of the Finches’ neighbors.  He does not do much, but he likes to whittle. 

Mr. Avery lives down the street,  boarding with Mrs. Dubose.

Besides making change in the collection plate every Sunday, Mr. Avery sat on the porch every night until nine o'clock and sneezed. (ch 6)

The children only seem interested in him when they see him peeing at a great distance in the yard, something that Scout cannot do because she is “untalented in this area” being a girl.

Mr. Avery does not seem to do much.  He whittles, but does not actually carve anything more than toothpicks.

Mr. Avery averaged a stick of stovewood per week; he honed it down to a toothpick and chewed it. (ch 7)

He convinces the children that seasons are caused by children being bad (ch 8).  The children return the favor when they make their snowman look like him, until Atticus makes them disguise it.

Mr. Avery is not completely useless though.  He does try to help Miss Maudie rescue her possessions from the house fire, though he is injured and laid up for a week in the process (ch 8).

In general, Mr. Avery is just one of the colorful characters that populate Maycomb.  His interactions with the children usually provide some comic relief, and reinforce the idea that Maycomb is full of interesting people.


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