Who do you think has evolved in the story?In many stories people have evolved in manners of personality or thinking in a realistic manner. What character in A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM has evolved?...

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About the only person I can think of going through a real change might be Egeus.  In the beginning, he is dead set against Hermia marrying Lysander - even so far as to recommend death or a nunnery if she doesn't marry Demetrius.  Although it's Theseus that makes the final decision that it's ok to marry Lysander, Egeus seems to have calmed down about the whole deal.  Other than that, we started with a bunch of love happy kids and ended with a bunch of love happy kids.  The bumbling worker/actors are still bumbling worker/actors, and Puck is Puck.  I don't think any of them really changed at all.

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Demetrius definitely changes by the end - He starts out loving Hermia, but then, because of the love-potion Puck puts in his eyes, he's madly in love with Helena.  Not that this is a "realistic manner" as you mentioned above, but it is definitely a change! :)

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I'm not sure anyone evolves in this play.  There are few dynamic characters here...maybe Bottom?  He doesn't change much, but after he is "morphed" into an ass-head, his attitude changes a bit and he is a little less pushy.

Other than that?  I am having trouble coming up with characters who have made a dramatic change of any kind.

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A few characters are changed by the end of this play, but they all have to do with magic. Titania and Oberon are at odds at the start of the play over a boy that Titania has, but Oberon has Puck put the love flower's juice in her eyes and she forgets about the whole thing so Oberon can have the child.

Bottom is changed physically by Puck, but you could argue that he sees things a little differently now. Perhaps his views aren't so simple anymore. That would be up to an actor playing Bottom.

Demetrius' love is changed back to Helena, which is also due to Puck's trickery.

As was stated before, Egeus seems to have calmed down about the marriage business. He is forced to accept his daughter's choice since Theseus is okay with it.

You could say that all the lovers change too because they have seen things "in a different light," but it's all up to interpretation outside the text. The fact is that this is a light comedy and the whole point is that they all get married and live "happily ever after." The drama of the piece lies in the characters' situations getting resolved - getting what they want, not the characters changing which is more likely in a tragedy, or more modern plays.

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