In Frankensein, how does Victor find out about Cornelius Agrippa?



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Victor Frankenstein, the protagonist of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, comes to find a book written by Cornelius Agrippa when on holiday with his family in Thonon (a town in the south-eastern part of France). Forced indoors by inclement weather, Victor finds the works of Agrippa on the bookshelf at the inn the family is staying at. Intrigued by science, Victor read the book and spoke to his father about his enjoyment of the man. Alphonse, Victor's father, was not as excited about Agrippa. Since its completion, Agrippa's findings had been found to be "entirely exploded," given the ancient nature of Agrippa's works. Victor's, instead of putting the author down, "first care was to procure the whole works of this author."

Below is a link for Enotes' page on Agrippa.


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