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Who commissioned Arthur Morgan to create the statue of Edward Douglass White which...

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Who commissioned Arthur Morgan to create the statue of Edward Douglass White which stands in Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol?

I am Vice President of the Friends of E. D. White Historic Site and we have been asked this question because there are two conflicting reports of who commissioned Mr. Morgan.  One states that the U. S. Supreme Court paid Mr. Morgan and another one says that the Act 455 of 1952 created an Edward Douglass White Memorial Commission which somehow raised money for this project.  Legislature appropriations? or Donations?  Other?

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As you know, White was a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1910-21). The statue of him in Statuary Hall depicts him wearing his judicial robe.

I found a New York Times article dated August 29, 1922, which states that New York Representative Hogan (no first name is given) proposed in a House resolution that a statue be commissioned of former Chief Justice White at the cost of $100,000. The article doesn't say whether the resolution was approved, but obviously it was. It seems that US taxpayers funded the statue, but I'm not able to confirm that.

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I am so excited to read your question and I hope that I am not too late! I have all the answers that you would ever need on this topic. I am a collector of many things, ephemera and documents are my favorite. I own many works of art by Mr. Morgan which were left abandoned. He saved everything. Every piece of correspondence, every newspaper clipping, every photograph. I even own the tools he used to create his sculpture. This would include every thought his beautiful mind created in the making of the Edward Douglass White Memorial.

I even have his original sketches, as well as the contract signed during the final plans of this memorial. He was paid $75,000 for his work on this monument.

He took great pride in his work, and sadly with the passing of time he has been all but forgotten.

If you are still interested I would be happy to share everything that I have with you. I will even donate it all to your cause.

Mr.Morgan would have wanted that way.

Please let me know if you are interested, and thank you!


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