Who can give me a summary of what "Shooting an Elephant" is about?I have to write a summary over "Shooting an Elephant" but I have 3 more papers to write in such a short time span and I need help...

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Shooting an Elephant is mostly a series of metaphors for the way that George Orwell feels/felt about both the larger circumstances of Great Britain's role as the occupier in India and his own role within the structure of that occupation.

The entire tale of the tracking of and then the shooting of the elephant bring out some of the futility of the British effort to control the Indian populace while knowing that there is no love lost between the colonizers and their colony as well as zero effort or capability to actually relate to or interact in normal ways with the populace at large.

As he feels terrible frustration at his own incompetence in trying to bring down the elephant and the inevitability of the populace eventually taking care of things and cleaning up the mess, so to speak.

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