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While looking at microscope slide prepared from pond water sample you find two...

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While looking at microscope slide prepared from pond water sample you find two different micro-organisms, both appear to have a nucleus. So both are eukaryotic protists. You are unsure whether protist is an amoeba, a flagellate, a ciliate, a sporozoan, an alga, a euglenoid or a fungus- like protest

The first organism appears to be heterotrophic. You notice that it moves through water by using whip like structure. What is the most probable phylum of the micro-organism? Is the protist considered plant-like, animal-like or fungus like? Explain.

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Since you are sure that it is a protist, the options are narrowed down whether it is animal-like, plant-like or fungus-like protists. The first organism is said to be heterotrophic, therefore it is not a plant-like protist. Heterotrophic organisms are not capable of producing their own food for metabolism unlike the autotrophic ones. 

Protists that have a whip-like structure are called flagella. They use that structure in order to move and to gather food. Many protists are single-celled flagellates. 

Finally, we can classify this under the Phylum Dinoflagellata which is under the Superphylum Alveolates.


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