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Which types of graphs should I use?The assigment says:"Using statistical analysis...

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Which types of graphs should I use?

The assigment says:

"Using statistical analysis methods you are to explore the claim that:

       "There is a direct link between text type and text length" "


So basically I'm comparing a childreds book to an adults book. I've counted the number of words in the first 100 sentences in each book, and it's obvious that the adult book is longer.

But I've got to use graphs to compare them and stuff, my teacher said aim to have 10 graphs. So I want to know which types of graphs would be the best to compare these?

Thanks heaps in advance! :)

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You have two sets of data, each with 100 elements. First you want to present your data in a meaningful fashion:

(1) Create a back-to-back stem and leaf plot of the data points

(2) Create histograms for both data sets on seperate plots; then you could use a bar chart to show them on the same plot.

(3) Create relative frequency chart for each data set.

(4) Create a pie chart for each data set for the relative frequencies. (e.g. 25% have 4-6 words, 22% have 7-9 words, etc...)

(5) Create box and whisker plots for each data set; then you might show them over the same number line.

Finally, you might use your histograms to sketch a curve (it seems like the curve would be skewed right) for each data set; then plot both curves on the same graph for comparison.


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