Which statement best summarizes the story of "Araby"?a)confusion eventually leads to depression b)dreams often end in disillusionment c)hatred and love are two sides of the same coin d)despair...

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The statement that best summarizes the story is "dreams often end in disillusionment." 

Joyce's short story begins with the idealism of youth and ends in bitter disappointment when he realizes that reality cannot possibly hope to live up to his expectations.  Like the young man's day dreams of Mangan's sister in which "her image accompanied me even in places the most hostile to romance," his dreams of going to the "splendid bazaar" make Araby seem romantic and adventurous.  In truth, the fabulous bazaar turned out to be dingy, dark, and empty; the merchandise was dull and more than half the lights were out.  In the end, his "eyes burned with anguish and anger," because he realized how foolish he had been and felt embarrassed.


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