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Which one is true about Dialect?1. Dialect is an uncomplicated version of standard...

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Which one is true about Dialect?

1. Dialect is an uncomplicated version of standard english.

2. All native speaker of english speak a dialect of english

3. East and southern (US.) people speak different dialect of english

4. Use of dialect depend of individuals level of education.

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Geesh! Any chance they could ALL be correct?

A dialect is indeed a less complex version of an official language. It is true also that it is a localized lexicon, meaning that it is different from place to place, and that most people who share the same location will have a tendency to share that unique characteristic particularly because communication is the most frequently used tool among human beings in a similar group. It is also true that not only Eastern, but Southern, Northern, Midwestern and Southwestern English are spoken with differentiations of the same language. I live in Alabama and trust me I can attest to that coming from Seattle! It is also true that every modern language has a dialect, including English and that using dialects are not directly proportional to a level of education, yet, educated people would prefer to avoid certain colloquialisms even within their dialect in comparison with people of less acumen.

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