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Which is one of the three steps in a productive reading strategy?The answer choices...

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Which is one of the three steps in a productive reading strategy?

The answer choices I've been given are:

A. Read the story and any expository text that accompanies it - for example, a foreward or an afterward. While you are reading, you should be looking for three major building blocks of literature: content, context, and themes.

B. Look for examples of how the influences of context affect the content of what you are reading.

C. Look for examples of how the important themes are developed in the content of what you are reading. 

D. All of the above

I've been leaning toward A, but B and C also make sense to me and I know I've read about about them before. I was then thinking that may D is correct. This is really bothering me that I can't find an answer. Thanks in advance for any help!

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All three of these strategies seem useful. Reading the story seems the most obvious, but looking at any supplementary material provided can also be useful. The reference to “the three building blocks” suggests that the person writing the question had some specific reading system in mind.

Understanding context really helps. For example, knowing something about the social structures of the American post-Civil War south will help the reader follow “A Rose for Emily”.

Looking for important themes is useful sometimes – not all works are thematically structured.

If this is a multiple choice question though, it may refer to some idiosyncratic three step system and if that is the case, you should respond in terms of that system. There are many different pedagogical systems for reading, and if you are being examined on a specific system, you need to reference that system.


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