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which one of the following sentences is correct? " The rains rarely drop" , " The...

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which one of the following sentences is correct?

" The rains rarely drop" , " The rains rarely drops" , " The rains drop rarely" or " Rains drop rarely" 

I've a problem in countable/uncountable nouns & the verb following this noun .. if none of the above sentences correct plz suggest one !

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These sentences are more about the use of rain and the absence or addition of the word "the ". If you think of rain as a singular event happening tonight, it is singular and requires a singular verb. For example, " rain drops on my head if I stand outside" using the singular verb drops. If you consider "the rains" with the addition of the word "the", you are using it as a plural such as a series of storms passed through last night which requires a plural verb.  "The rains drop on my head when I stay outside through several storms."    As for your sentences, The rains rarely drop is correct because of the use of the word the, The rains rarely drops is incorrect because of the singular verb with a plural subject, The rains drop rarely is correct also.  I also think the verb drop is a problem because you can use it as a noun counting each rain drop as it hits the windshield.  Try another verb to see if that helps.  Use the verb "fall" instead which may make this easier to understand.  English is a funny language, so don't give up. A dictionary can sometimes help you determine if a word is singular or plural.  

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what is the  singular? the rains ? if u consider it as uncountable noun why do not we add -s after the verb drop? :l  ...plz need more answers!

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