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Which of the following would be an accurate complaint a colonist could make about the...

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Which of the following would be an accurate complaint a colonist could make about the British government in 1764?

a. The colonists were forced to pay much higher taxes than residents of England

b. They did nothing to protect the colonies against the French

c. The Proclamation Line cut settlers off from the Ohio River Valley.

d. Their navy cost a lot to support and did little to help the colonists.

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(C) is the correct answer to this question. The Proclamation of 1763 mandated that American settlers not proceed beyond the Appalachian Mountains, and, perhaps more important, rendered null and void any land claims that colonists had in the Ohio River Valley. This angered not just frontiersmen who hoped to settle in the area, but more significantly the wealthy land speculators, especially in Virginia, who had secured claims on the land, and stood to rake in enormous profits if they could secure clear titles to their claims. The purpose, of course, was to avoid destructive Indian wars, an especially pressing issue in the wake of Pontiac's Rebellion of 1763. Ultimately, the policy failed, as settlers poured into the region, sparking major opposition from the Shawnee and other Indian peoples.

As for the other answer choices, (A) is incorrect because colonists did not generally pay higher taxes than British subjects,(B) because the French and Indian War had essentially driven the French from North America; and (D) because the British navy had protected colonial ports from French raids for decades. 

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